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About Menachem

Canadian–born Israeli, Chassidic Rock guitar player / vocalist Menachem Herman, is best known as the leader of the Menachem Herman Orchestra MHO, which bears his name. By 2008, Menachem Herman was just "Menachem" & rocking audiences all over the globe.

Menachem's performance is powerful & passionate; he has a gift to move any audience; those around him feel the contagious atmosphere he creates and you take home an enthusiasm of being part of something genuine.

His style is one-of-a-kind, & reaches deep for a soulful expression in a troubled world; an authentic mix of old and new school, is big on classic rock drama and power, whilst still making room for blues and ethnic styles; because of this, his specialty is 2 – fold, breaking stereotyped thinking between cultures and bridging the ever scary generation gap. His outward appearance of a Chassidic Jew blows peoples mind when they seem him and his band perform for real. He draws people together, families together, 3 generations enjoy the same thing at the same time! Grandpa rocked to his music, next generation got married with him and feels safe passing him on to their kids; all identify with his words of encouragement and love; we share in his prayer for a safe future for our children and grandchildren, and the need for divine intervention and happiness in our own lives.

Growing up as an only child in Canada in a house on the river he had peaceful times for personal refection and as far back as he can remember, Vivaldi rang throughout his house, his mother being a concert violinist. He started out as a drummer, moving to accordion & piano, then to bass guitar, electric & acoustic guitar evolved from there. He was a Rock and Roll boy from an early age though even though classical music was his starting point.

He started with the Ted Komar School of Music, “basement bands”, & graduated from Garden City College with honors in 1978. Barely out of high school, he won the Winnipeg Music Festival song of he year for his original song, "Israel IsReal".

Although young, he was already playing Bar Mitzvahs, Chanukah shows &
Executive dinners with Bobby Weisman of Blue Rodeo in Toronto & Peter Ganon, the creator of the internationally famous software programs "Band In a Box"; from there moving on to play some solid Rock & Roll which started his personal evolution.

After making Alyiah in 1980, his early musical beginnings in Israel started out with the "Diaspora Yeshiva Band" (DYB), on Mount Zion, in Jerusalem. “Years spent with Avraham Rosenblum, BenZion Solomon, Ruby Harris, Gedaliah Goldstien, Chaim Dovid, Rabbi Shimon Green & of course our beloved Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach were years "of plenty" we had everything….The tshuva movement (return to Judaism) was in full swing & those were times of peace. Musically, crowds felt our love for them & showed up faithfully, spring, summer, winter and fall! The love we felt for the audience, is something I took with me & has stayed with me…”

During that time, the DYB band did a MTV clip & interview with Tom
Petty & the Heartbreakers; during the interview, Menachem was questioned about his new found look, (side curls & beard). He simply answered, "Look, I can be Jewish, look like this & still play Rock & Roll…!" Menachem toured with the DYB band America in 1990 and again in 1992 with a final reunion concert in the historical Carnegie Hall in New York City and that’s where Rabbi Shlomo played his last time with them.

From then on Menachem was on his own, creating new sounds that reflected his personal evolution in life. His early rock years, experimenting with his own power, later became a deep yearning to accomplish more than drugs, rock and roll. He knew that negative, ugly words being sung to a dynamite tune just didn’t fulfill the purpose of music – which is to bring people together and UPLIFT, not get into a negative headspace. He doesn’t often talk about those years, and the mystery surrounding him about who it was that he forged ties with will remain a mystery. The stories about who he hung with are from Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and all the way to Eric Clapton and Dylan and continue. He doesn’t admit anything, but doesn’t deny either, all he says is ...”where every ive been has been a learning process for my good, as everything is ultimately good...”

Although he was the top freelance guitar player and his calendar booked solid, he was restless, it wasn’t the money he wanted, he dreamed of having his own band, creating a sound that reflected his own connection to people, and since “95 he has done just that.

Menachem and his band rapidly became the exclusive sought after choice for an evening of fun, elegance and authenticity. Sensitive to his clients needs, understanding what they need, has made true and lasting friendships where ever he travels. His band members, all 7, including his personal sound engineer travel with him all over the world and are one by one, world class players, each one brilliant, fun to be with, and dedicated to Menachem and his ideals.

He’s played on over 200 albums in the studio and has several of his own. He’s played with the top musicians and performers all over the world –
his biography runs like a Who’s Who in the music biz, you name him, he’s played with him.

His specialty? Building bridges; breaking down stereotypes. Having lived professionally in both worlds, he is the # 1 choice to bridge the gap that different cultures have between them; through the international language of music and few poignant personal stories, the walls come tumbling down.

Reaction to his performance?
Singing words of truth & faith – not religion - often confuse people; faith & religion are 2 very different items, one can be “religious” with no truth or faith at all! When people see guys like Menachem & his band performing on a professional level, they're shocked in good way, a wake up way, and want more. His goal – to touch people and help others feel more open about someone else's differences, his goal, world peace.

His new album, "Sweet home Jerusalem" is now avaiable for sale. Its the first of a new solo series, Enjoy!